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This page will help you to order your future Wedding dress. You can find the information below by scrolling down the page:


 1.  How do I choose my size ?
 2. How can I order a dress?
 3. Other important information.


Each dress is unique and handmade, so accurate sizing and information is very important for a perfect result.


 1.  How do I choose my size ?

Measurements are taken on a naked Body or on a thin T-shirt.

  • Height + heels (cm/ in) -
  • Bust (cm/ in) -
  • Under the bust (cm/ in) -
  • Waist (cm/ in) -
  • Hips (cm/ in) -
  • Length from waist to floor +heels (cm/in) -

Measurements for sewing sleeves are taken with the arm bent.

Sleeve length measurements are taken to the desired sleeve length, such as wrist length, mid-arm length, or mid-finger length.It depends on the sleeve design.


If you are buying a ready-made dress size, please contact me to check if the dress size fits you. Most of the wedding dresses are zipped or laced. Either can be chosen on request. In this case please also contact me.

Dress sizes:

2. How can I order a dress?

If you ordered a ready-made dress size that is already in stock:

Before buying, please contact me to check the size of the dress. Please provide the following measurements to check the size: bust, under bust, waist, bra cup size and your height + heel.
If the size of the dress is perfect for you, I will send the dress to you. If the dress needs resizing, it will take about 3-5 days. During this time, I will adjust the size of the dress to your measurements.
If you choose the wrong size and your size is out of stock, I will cancel the order and you can return and place an order for tailoring.

Custom made:

This means that you order tailoring of a wedding dress according to your measurements.

Choose a dress from the catalog or contact me if you want to make changes to the design of the dress.
Take measurements for tailoring the dress and send it to me.I will check your measurements and if necessary I will ask you to double check them or take additional measurements. Please note that all dresses are made without fitting according to the measurements provided by the buyer. For a perfect fit, some models of the dress need additional adjustment to the figure. When ordering a dress, make sure you have the extra budget to have the dress fitted at your local tailor.
The process of making a dress. Waiting time. It depends on the dress, about 3 to 15 weeks.
After the dress has been sent to you,
I will write to You.

If you want to make changes to the design of the dress:

You can request some changes to the design of the dress, such as adding straps, adding a train, a slit on the skirt, embroidering your initials on the dress, and more. THERE WILL BE A CHARGE FOR THIS, the price will depend on what changes you need, and this is discussed BEFORE ordering.

Tailoring times:

The terms of tailoring dresses are from 3 weeks to 15 weeks, If you need to get the dress faster, please contact me! (before placing an order) !


So what you need to do to place an order:

-Tell me what kind of dress you want.
- Would you change the style or the lace?
- Measure yourself
-Send me the measurements.
-Place your order by e-mail.
-Waiting time.
-Delivery of the dress.


Please contact me by e-mail:


3. Other important information.

The clothes are shipped from Hungary so the delivery time can be 1-2 weeks, depending on where you want me to deliver your order. Please enquire by message for exact delivery charges.

the dress is made to your measurements and your idea. I will keep you informed of the process of making your dress by email to ensure the perfect dress.

Please be aware that we are unable to take back a personalized dress!

Feel free to contact me with any questions!